Milena Mortati

What's more fascinating than a female artist aiming to explore post-surrealism, to reinvent the definition of beauty and nailing it? Collaborating with her! Italian artist, Milena Mortati brings her talent to NYTAQ through varied media including painting, mixed media, photography and sculpture. Her greatest influence comes from living in Los Angeles and its Latin culture saturated by Frida Kahlo's bold and vibrant colors.

She also admires America's greatest raw talent such as Diane Arbus, surrealist Remedios Varo, and draws inspiration from the incredible Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic. Capisce!

Daniela Cristiana

Nothing says badass like a classic biker jacket with a Latin flair!! Always inspired by music and mixed media, this native San Diegan babe, has been creating art since the age of 5. Growing up between the small beach town of San Felipe (Mexico) and the big city of Los Angeles allowed Daniela to embrace her bicultural roots and translated onto her fashion choices.  

It’s no wonder that quickly after graduating FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in 2008 she landed gigs with industry leaders such as Carolina Herrera, Gucci and Chanel among others. 

Lorelei Darling

Teenagers nowadays have a lot going through their heads, however, if they are given the opportunity to express it, they can change the world. That’s what artist, philanthropist and 14-year-old Lorelei Darling plans on doing, change the world, one painting at a time through her two passions: art and making an impact on youth and the next generation. 

Lina Alvarez

Lina was drawn to art at an early age. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2006, she graduated from the University of Georgia, where she taught art to children at Lyndon House Arts Center and earned her BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Ceramics. Originally from Medellin, Colombia, her art is a hybrid of cultures and embodies many qualities—some pieces may be precise and simple, while others are loose and organically shaped.