Latinas Can't Wait

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Did you know that for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men are paid, white women are paid 83 cents, while Hispanic women are paid 57 cents? It takes the average Latina woman, working full-time year-round, 10 extra months to earn what the average white non-Hispanic man earns in 1 year.

October 21st, #LatinaEqualPay Day is the symbolic day when Hispanic and Latina women’s earnings “catch up” to non-Hispanic white men’s earnings from the previous year.

NYTAQ is proud to join forces with Justice for Migrant Women on the National Latina Equal Pay Day of Action to #DemandMore for Latina workers.

Become an ally with us--help close the pay gap and bring attention to this country-wide injustice that harms Latinas’ quality of economic life for themselves, their families and their goals for a better future.

#LatinasCantWait to be paid equally, they must be paid fully and fairly NOW.

Half of our sale proceeds will benefit Justice for Migrant Women, an organization that works tirelessly to ensure that all migrant women are guaranteed human and civil rights.