Honoring Afro Latina Excellence: 3 Small Businesses To Follow

Honoring Afro Latina Excellence: 3 Small Businesses To Follow

As a clothing brand committed to empowering ALL things women, NYTAQ believes it is essential to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of the milestones achieved by all mujeres. 

Latina women continue to inspire those who want to start a business, build a community, create with poder and traditions and be a true example of resilience + perseverance. Con mucho amor, today, and every day, we continue to recognize and uplift the achievements of our Afro Latina entrepreneurs hermanas. 


We hope that by proudly highlighting three remarkable Afro Latina small businesses you’re encouraged  to support their craft. These trailblazing entrepreneurs have not only created successful ventures but have also used their platforms to honor their heritage, encourage others, and contribute to a more inclusive and empowered community.


Luna Magic: Quality makeup & lashes for all

Luna Magic believes that beauty is a feeling (a vibe), not something that is decided by outside influences. The Dominican sisters and founders Mabel and Shaira Frias grew up experiencing the warmth, joy and flavor that comes with growing up in a multigenerational & bilingual Afro-Latinx household. They draw on these personal experiences to inject personality into all design elements of their brand, products and community. 

We absolutely love that they understand that at the heart of a great brand is making space for a lively community that fosters a sense of authenticity and belonging.

They stand behind strong beliefs such as “Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful”. This means even though you have many choices when it comes to beauty, you deserve to have an authentic offering that reflects the real you, inside and out.


Arianna Davis - editorial director, author, entertainment expert, on-air personality:

We are HUGE fans of Arianna Davis a Purto Rican, African American Latina thriving in the media world as the Editorial Director of TODAY Digital, in charge of overseeing news, trending, and lifestyle across TODAY’s digital platforms. She was previously Senior Director of Editorial and Strategy at Oprah Daily. And also happens to be the author of one of our favorite books What Would Frida Do? A Guide to Living Boldly, inspired by the life of icon Frida Kahlo.

As a writer and through out her career, Arianna has worked tirelessly to give a voice to her community specializing in features, pop-culture and personal essays highlighting small businesses, women and topics relevant to Black and Latine community.


Vela Negra - Luxury + Vegan:

Let us introduce you to Aisha Cort, the woman behind Vela Negra, a sustainable candle line honoring her Afro Cuban and Guyanese roots. Through the look, feel, name, and scent of the candles, she elicits Afro Cuba places and people close to her and her roots. They pour candles with black wax because black absorbs and dispels negative energies and provides new beginnings and clarity as when the light of the vela appears, the darkness is illuminated. 

\Why support VELA NEGRA? Because it offers a powerful source of protection, comfort and strength and each candle is individually hand-poured using 100% vegan coconut soy wax and ethically sourced wooden wicks, fragrance and dye to provide you with a luxurious and environmentally conscious, clean burn with the highest quality ingredients. AZUCARRRRRR!!!! 


We recognize the profound contributions of Afro Latina entrepreneurs who have carved their paths to success while celebrating their heritage. 

Luna Magic, Arianna Davis and Vela Negra exemplify this spirit by embracing their roots, empowering others, and fostering a sense of unity and inclusion. By supporting these women and small businesses, we not only uplift the Afro Latina community but also contribute to a more equitable and diverse entrepreneurial landscape. 

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