What’s Love Got To Do With It? By: Davina Ferreira

What’s Love Got To Do With It? By: Davina Ferreira

If Love Had A Name by Davina Ferreira

‘The One’. We have all heard of the concept, wondered about it, and perhaps looked for them. But where is our ‘better half,’ or ‘media mitad’? We have been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for them to ride in on a white horse to rescue us.

Driven by this absurd belief, so ingrained in our minds by culture and media, it is no wonder we show up to meet our potential ‘soulmate’ with a picture of them half-formed. We arrive fragmented, with some deep need to be ‘fixed’ and brought back to wholeness by our ‘other half".

Ah, but who better than mischievous Cupid to put us back in our place? His playful spirit may very well be love’s true nature, for love is not only illuminating, but also has a great sense of humor!

Love will give us a media mitad that makes us look ourselves in the mirror, bringing to our attention exactly what we need to change, to become that highest version of ourselves we have been quietly seeking.

It may take each of us many years to come to the realization that when love arrives, it will not only bring the feel-good sensations of attraction and pleasure, but deeper and more surprising treasures—treasures that won’t be celebrated over Valentine’s Day or appear in your average Hallmark card.


Inner Healing.

True love will always invite us to become the best version of ourselves.
To walk in our wholeness.
To give from a place of goodness and fulfilment, and not one of need or lack.
To walk side-by-side with our partners, lovers, friends, and family members, in love, not co-dependency.
To experience just the right amount of pain in order to be transformed.
To understand peace, and value true friendship in times of adversity.

What does that good kind of soul-filling love look like to you today?

This global pandemic has, in many ways, allowed us to redefine love and to value the closeness of our loved ones so much more.

As we continue to celebrate love in all its expressions, let’s make a conscious effort to walk into our most valued relationships as the best versions of ourselves. Love, after all, is giving others the most uplifting version of ourselves, so that even after we depart, the brilliance of our love may be felt in their lives.

Davina Ferreira is a Colombian American bilingual poet, social entrepreneur, author, speaker, and founder of Alegría Bilingual Media.

Davina Ferreira

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